That fateful day (and more)

I've been "on the road" in my current oxymoronic state of content instability for quite some time. My last real stable moment was around this time.

April 2, 2001: "... but while I'm young, with no roots, I'm going to explore and take risks that I won't be able to take later on in life. I'm going to keep what I'm doing now a secret for now. :)"

And the secret I wasn't going to share? It's still a secret. You know why? Because I have no idea! I like to think of what I do as productive unemployment. I'm not really unemployed, but I often tell people I am, especially if I'm not feeling talkative.

In other breaking news, I spent 20 minutes this morning extracting a 1/2 centimeter-long splinter from my left heel. One shouldn't be able to get splinters from the bedroom floor.

Before splinter extraction, I had wandered over to Arnold and David Katz's studio to drop off a camera, and ended up spending an hour or so hanging out while they shot a bunch of models for an ad. What I learned: life must be strange for models. But it is nice to be around models sometimes. They're like, pretty and stuff.