I feel strange. I was speaking with Arnold Katz the other day, and he said, "I think multi-talented people have it harder than people with only one talent" (or something to that effect). I am not going to self-profess multi-talent, but I'm definitely feeling that sentiment these days. I can't wait until I find something that is so overpowering that I willingly focus in on it and let go of everything else.

And before you say, "But Eric! There are people starving in XXX!" -- I recognize that I have privilege. So do you, if you are reading this. I'm speaking from within the bubble, for the moment.

I'm going to blab for a bit.

Music: I love to play the cello. I'm not in the best shape now, so I can't really be serious about classical music, but I would love to have a regular group of players to make music with. That means I need some sort of routine, I think (there goes that idea!). I'd also like to get into more non-classical music; however, as a prerequisite for that, I need to work on a different set of musical skills.

Photography/Community: Dominating my life these days. I spend far too much time running Wetpixel, and will also be out of the country more than half of May through December. I spend much of my time back at "home" catching up (i.e. I'm glued to my notebook.) No hope of routine.

Software: If it's my own project, I like doing it. I'm not sure I can do the full-time (non-contracting) software thing ever again, but contracting is still fun (and practical).

Exercise: what?

School: Maybe I should go back.

Friends: Always a priority, reality permitting. I'll drive two hours to see someone for half an hour.

Speaking of priorities, I need to prioritize. I spend far too much time every day corresponding with people I don't know. For years now I've tried to start ignoring much of the "crap" simple-question-e-mail that comes my way, but I often do reply. I just need to hone my knee-jerk "delete" response. Random question that shows no thought before sending == DELETE IMMEDIATELY.

I am lucky here in New York, though. A mixed blessing, my phone basically never rings, so I just get voicemail messages after the fact. It also doesn't work in my office. So at least I don't have the added pressure of a ringing phone. :) Even when it does ring, I virtually never pick up if I'm spending time with someone. I prefer to wait until a more appropriate moment and return the call.

Blah blah blah.