NYC Anti-War Rally

nyc anti-war protest

On Saturday, Wendy and I joined Tony and Ai-jen and the people of color coalition to march in the anti-war rally in New York City. It wasn't so much a march as it was a slow saunter down Madison Ave., but CAAAV and allied groups were very vocal and were even able to get active participation from some of the surrounding folk. We walked from the New York Public Library until around 30th St., where the masses around us just stopped and mingled -- for hours. All along Madison Ave. there were PA systems set up so we could listen to the speakers, who were speaking from a place shrouded in mystery. No one seemed to know where the actual speaking was taking place.

I've read estimates that 30,000 to 100,000 people participated in New York -- a far cry from the over one million protesters in Rome, but still a formidable number.

It was interesting: the whole event sort of felt like Halloween, instead of a protest. Many people took advantage of the occasion to dress up and run around. But at least things were civil. [see some photos]