Fat Heads

nyc anti-war rally

(Update: Photos posted. No good ones of me with no hair, yet. There is one in there, but I hate it.)

I'm impressed that there can be so much chatter over fat, skinny, and pea-sized heads! I "fixed" the problem, by the way. Instead of a fat head with hair, I now have a fat head with no hair. Meredith said that I look like Curious George, which I'll take as a compliment. (It's really among the highest of compliments when coming from someone with a sense of humor similar to my sister's).

I hadn't planned on getting a haircut so soon, but I was driven out of the office early (so annoyed! had to leave!) and took the opportunity to pop into a Wall St. barbershop. The guy and his Italian buddy were talking virtually the entire time; I'm surprised the clippers made it through the cut without breaking, because he kept turning the thing off to get a few sentences in. The only parts in English: "Do you speak Italian? Where you from? No, I mean where you from? Whah? Taiwan? Oh! Chinese! I know Chinese people. Nice people. No problems anywhere. You never hear of China giving people problems." I didn't correct him about the Taiwanese vs. Chinese thing, nor about China and not giving people problems. Later on: "[Italians] don't talk about politics either." He then proceeded to bash Bush vehemently for about ten minutes, his sentences interspersed with occasional "fugghetaboudit"s and "whahyougonnado?"s.

Have nothing more to say, except that I'm selling my Canon 28-70/2.8L lens (want it? e-mail me.). Oh, and this photo makes me laugh.

Been getting more and more guestbook and comment spam (those bastards!). I think I rigged up the guestbook script to reject bot-based spam -- haven't gotten any since I made the changes. Now I have to modify the comments script over here. [see some photos]