It's pronounced 'pik-ch&r -- not 'pi-ch&r. And no, I don't care about your friend's hair. Texas + Las Vegas + no respect + misuse of multi-syllabic words + general meat-headed-ness doesn't make you charming. It's 2:29pm already. Go home! You normally go home at 2pm. That's 29 more minutes of Hell I've had to endure today. You're like King of the Hill combined with Butthead, except that you're definitely not making anyone laugh.

*Update, Monday Mar 29* - He was quiet today until 11:15AM. I thought that maybe someone high on the totem pole had talked to him about office etiquette. Apparently not. I guess I (the damn ornamental [sic] sharing his cube space) will have to continue to be passive-aggressive.

*Update, Thursday Apr 1* - On the phone, verbatim: "Hey dude. You know, I've been doin' some stuff. You know, lots of stuff and stuff. Cool, man. I've been busy, with lots of projects and stuff. You know, some stuff. So, like, yeah, man. You know, it's cool and stuff. I'm tellin you, it's the only way I can be, man. No, man, like, I've had, like, freakin', like just goin' out an' havin' some fun and stuff. That some shit, man."

*Update, Monday Apr 5* - It occurs to me that as the I.T. guy in an organization, you are exempt from all the rules that govern the less privileged. For example, you can poke holes all over the firewall so you can use IM clients all day long. You can also FTP and SSH. Ahhhh, the access I so desperately crave! -- so easily configured, but forever out of my reach.