FuseMail, Chinese Journals

If you have multiple e-mail addresses and check mail both with a client and on the web from multiple locations, go sign up for Fusemail service right now. You can try it for 60 days for free. It's amazing -- exactly what I was looking for. Fantastic IMAP speed, good IMAP web-client, and automatic synchronization with Outlook's calendar, contacts, journal, notes, and tasks. I don't know if my Palm will sync to it yet -- but that's ok. The service is amazing. Thank you, Peter, for discovering it. :)

*UPDATE* Do not try to use thousands of folders with IMAP. You will pay dearly, as I am doing now. Also, Fusemail doesn't support Outlook categories, and you may have some problems copying all of your data over, if you have a lot. For example, I tried copying all of my calendar appointments over, and some of them made it over, but not all of them. Looks like it's a relatively new service with some quirks that have to be ironed out.

*UPDATE 2* Their Outlook plug-in is only useful if you want to add large amounts of frustration to your life. I think they need another few months of QA.

Hey -- can someone out there give me a quick summary of what needs to be done to get a web journal to support traditional Chinese character sets (not in the interface -- content only)? And can I use MT or WordPress? Thank you. :)

*UPDATE* Alex tells me: If they are going to use Traditional Chinese [with WordPress], it will work, but you have make sure the charset is set to utf-8. Further testing shows that it publishes fine, but will not edit properly, so all entry editing will have to be done by cut & paste to and from something like Microsoft Word.