Jerry @ Salt Bar

sock puppets

I haven't been taking many photos because the Canon SD10 I've been using came with a defective battery charger. A quick e-mail to Canon support solved that problem (it took two weeks), and I'm now back in business. For some reason I don't feel like lugging the big camera around these days.

I finally saw Jerry last night; I met him and his co-workers Anne and Andrew in the East Village for dinner at Salt Bar, where we consumed many bacon-wrapped dates. All three of them work for Queer Eye. Jerry and Anne had just spent the entire day on set in Chelsea, and it was neat to hear anecdotes about working for the show. They joked around and laughed about work during the entire meal, and in between guffaws, I kept thinking about what I'm doing (right now) compared to what they do. At one point in the evening, Jerry acted out a hypothetical scouting scene involving a Hummer, a cigar, brandy, and the word, "Fabulous!" It was pretty damn funny.

I sometimes forget that life is about compromise.

I fantasize about having a work-related environment filled with strange and diverse people, where 1) the work is fulfilling, and 2) the work itself doesn't involve intimate bonding with an office chair. The software thing doesn't quite fulfill those criteria. :) We have lots of strange people in the industry, but the "solitude with a computer" thing is no good, and let's face it: if you're in an enviroment with really good software engineers, they aren't going to be as ... well-rounded as they could be. :) [see some photos]