Green Island Serenade

A message from Enza Sebastiani, the director of the video:

"Enza’s new “Green Island” music video for singer Vienna Teng will air this coming Monday (April 5) on KTSF (cable 8 in the Bay Area and cable 17 in Vacaville). The “China Crosstalk” interview program with Vienna will begin at 11:00PM. Vienna has also been on David Letterman (our show includes clips from Letterman and CNN). Enza’s music video closes the program at around 11:25PM.

"The show can also be seen Nationwide on IC (International Channel) – most cable systems include IC as well – check your local listing for your local channel position.

"The show will be repeated in the Bay Area on Tuesday (April 6) at 12PM."

Neat-o. I wish I could see it. Someone record, digitize, and send it to me! My house is in it. :) *UPDATE* -- Turns out we get the International Channel here on Time Warner. It's channel 500. We're going to record it.