Searchable E-mail

The recent announcement of GMail has sparked for me an investigation into indexed e-mail solutions. I will probably never use GMail because I sometimes value privacy, and because I'm married to the use of native applications.

Although I'm a big fan of my hundreds-of-folders mail-sorting routine, I do periodically lose specific pieces of mail due to misfiling. I hate sorting e-mail. If Outlook supported Eudora's wonderful Command/Control-J manual filtering feature, I'd be very happy. :)

Particularly intriguing is Zoe, a neat little app that serves up indexed mail through a web or POP interface. Although I like native apps much more than I like web interfaces, ZOE looks pretty damn cool. If I weren't so tied to Outlook, I might consider giving it a try.

Two Windows-based indexing apps I'll probably try out are X1 and Nelson Organizer. I just want something simple, elegant, and fast. Oh, and it has to be reliable and configurable enough to be acceptable for use by a gearhead. There's nothing worse than unreliable e-mail/PIM software. I'm still using FuseMail, but I've stopped using the Outlook plug-in because it doesn't (yet) let me reliably get to my PIM information.

Anyone out there have any suggestions for e-mail indexing solutions that work well with Outlook?