Shaolin Soccer, Mimi in NYC

mimi in nyc

If Shaolin Soccer is playing at a theater near you, you absolutely must go see it. I was introduced to the movie a year ago (thank you!), but was only able to watch it -- between compression artifacts -- on my computer. It's playing here in New York at the AMC 25 in Times Square. I suspect that the majority of the audience had never seen anything like it; there was nearly non-stop laughter and cheering. :) Anyway, it's brilliant, and it totally made my weekend. I also saw that there is an American copy being made of the Japanese movie, "Shall We Dance" (great movie -- worth seeing!), which will star Richard Gere. Yuck.

Speaking of the weekend, I spent most of it hanging out with Mimi and Tony, which was a lot of fun. Although... Mimi did make me feel old, especially when she said things like, "you're old." Funny. Some of the kids I watched grow up are starting to be like real people.

It's ok, though. As soon as my travels begin in May, I'll feel like the baby again (most underwater photographers are old men). [see some photos]