Lovely Chamber Music

Vienna pointed out last night that all of my past relationships started out with chamber music. I opened my mouth -- probably in an attempt to refute her statement -- but nothing came out, because she was basically right! (it's not 100% accurate, but it might as well be)

Weird. But I can understand why that might be the case. There's so much shared emotion when playing music with someone: I love the forced inhalation and exhalation that comes from specific cued entrances (and, involuntary breathing in general, during certain passages), and the overpowering, mind-scrunching tension just before a *slightly* delayed resolution of a suspension. Vienna described jam sessions in her line of work to be similar to what we do when we meet to read, with the addition of scantily clad women, alcohol, and other goodies. Perhaps we should bring those elements to chamber music "jam sessions" as well. Uh... yeah.

Hmmm. So... anyone want to play chamber music? ;)