Insulting writers

I correspond frequently with the editor of one of the dive magazines, who just authored an article in his own magazine about the basics of digital cameras. I thought the article was well done and targeted at beginners (as it was meant to do -- he also stated that he was a beginner himself). However, there were some minor factual errors.

I wrote an e-mail to him and stated: 1) that the issue was fantastic, 2) that his article was a good introduction to digital, 3) that I had some "nitpicky" things to say about it that probably weren't worth publishing, which I would gladly share in case he was interested in the corrections.

He responded with: "I'm glad you liked [the issue]. However I'm not really interested in hearing your opinions about my article and certainly won't print any letter which nit picks because it shows up the writer more than it informs the reader."

I can only assume that my original e-mail was written in a way that did not carry the intended message.

But if not, my reply would be: First, I wasn't suggesting that corrections be published. Second, I own up to my mistakes and want to hear opinions when I publish something. How else can I develop that particular aspect of being a journalist? And I definitely want to be informed -- and corrected -- if I have written something factually incorrect!

I just sent something to that effect back over e-mail.

It's funny. What events like this do to me are to convince me that I should let people sort out misinformation on their own. After all, why should I care? Why *do* I care? I don't need this added stress in my life...

*UPDATE* Sorry. I appear to be grumpy today. I was stood up last night for a dinner appointment, which is never fun. And, I think I'm just tired or something. Yeah.