Geeky Goodness

I had an e.piphany sometime last year while in the hallway with Vienna: "I need another dimension. That way, I'd have enough pockets to hold everything."

Since then, I have discovered cargo pants, which have temporarily quenched my need for another dimension, but carrying geek toys can still be a pain in the ass. As I was getting ready to go to work this morning, I started my morning ritual: I threw all the things I might need during the day onto my bed, and had a little mental debate about whether I'd need to wear a man-purse. Strewn about were my wallet, phone, Palm Tungsten, iPod Mini w/headphones, Canon SD10, and keys. Luckily, it is winter, and the jackets I wear have anywhere from three to six pockets in them. No problem.

I'm dreading the arrival of summer. No jackets w/pockets = complications! But maybe it will be fine. When travelling, I'll have a bag to put things in. And when I'm back "home" in San Francisco, I should be able to scrap my Palm since I won't be riding the subway anymore (and therefore will no longer be reading shitty eBooks), and I probably won't be bringing my iPod either, since there won't be anyone I need to drown out at the "office."

- Today is Good Friday. There are exactly two people here at work, and I'm one of them. Yay.

- Go donate to Kerry's campaign. Gotta vote out the Dubya. The lowest amount is $50, and every penny helps. I can't say that I am a huge fan of Kerry. But the alternative is another four years of Hell. is a great site for finding out where notable people live and how much they donated to various campaigns.

- I started using Kinja, because there are too many blogs out there to keep track of. I find that I waste a huge amount of time going to each blog/news source/etc., just to see if there are new posts, and since not everyone uses RSS, you can't just depend on a RSS reader to keep up to date. I'd want the RSS reader to be web-based anyway, so I can keep up on my readings from any terminal. *UPDATE* I'm not sure whether Kinja is consistently indexing the weblogs I read that don't support RSS, or how often it updates. No real information can be found on their site about how they work.

- I'm going to reach 1.4 million hits (since 8/26/99) sometime today. Cragee. Actually, it isn't really 1.4 million hits. The number of hits is much higher, and the number of visits is much lower. I recently switched from counting #visits to #hits, for no real reason.

- I recently reminisced a bit and went back to read my real-time journal of the game. Man, that was fun.