Vienna Teng and The Animators

miss vienna teng, in central park

I left work early (there was no one there, anyway) and walked up the street to meet Vienna Teng and her violinist Alan Lin at the corner of Fulton and Broadway. Alan waved a quick goodbye as he headed south toward the water ("I'm going to go get lost."), and Vienna and I hopped back on the subway, heading north to Central Park, where we roamed around for a few hours. I like Central Park, and spend far too little time exploring it. Oh yeah, we had popovers at the Popover Cafe. I think it was my first popover. The restaurant is fully themed: the waitress was wearing a popover-looking hat on her head, too.

After dinner, we wandered down to a little bar in SoHo, where Vienna met up with Dani Linnetz, a singer she briefly toured with last year. As we walked into the bar, a woman who was sitting close to the entrance suddenly stood up and started running toward us. I was about to defend myself, but then realized that she had given Vienna a big hug -- it turned out to be one of Vienna's old high school acquaintances. Yeah, it's a small world (blah blah blah), but the story gets even stranger. As we were walking out of the bar, we heard a tentative, "[Vienna]?" Yet another high school acquaintance of Vienna's was on the same block!

ANYYWAY, enough about that. We found our way to Crash Mansion, where The Animators were playing (they had been touring with Vienna for the past week). I met Alex briefly at Joe's Pub a couple of weeks ago, and it was nice to finally get to hear them perform (they were awesome!). [see some photos]