Las Vegas, an update

Here's an update on my good friend, Las Vegas:

10:20AM (verbatim): "My friend got that camera you were talkin' about, you know that Digital Rebel or somethin'. His girlfren got it for him cuz he's really like, into photography really a lot, and she said that he should get more into like, art and stuff. He said I should get one because you'd never fuckin' have to buy another camera again, that shit is so dope."

Yes. That shit *is* so dope.

Hey, so I've been struggling with the apparent inanity of /journal here at I wish I had the talent/energy/time to write essays on thoughtful topics. Instead, I bleat around and post a few photos every once in awhile. Yay.

*UPDATE* April 14th: While in my cube today, I glanced over briefly and saw that every other line in one of Vegas' chat windows was "LOL", "OMG LOL!!!", or something similar. I took a closer look just now (he's out of his cube), and the title of the window he has open is "LoveAccess Chat." There are currently 33 members in the chatroom, and 99% of the messages ARE IN ALL CAPS. What the hell is he doing in the "LoveAccess" chatroom while at work??? I think you should be free to IM at work if you also happen to be getting work done, or... maybe you need to take some time to relax, or maybe you have to plan something with a friend, and IM is the most efficient way to do it. But this is different, because he ain't doin' shit. I'm sorely tempted to find the chatroom and get on it while sitting right next to him. ;)

On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong. It's possible that he's doing research on a defective network switch, and the support chatroom just happens to be titled, "LoveAccess Chat." Yeah. Or maybe he's trying to find pricing on ECC RAM, like his boss told him to not long ago, and he's "meeting" someone in the chatroom who can get him a good deal.

The other day, his phone rang. "Hello?" (pause. question asked on the other end.) "I'm workin'. (inflection: duh! it's during working hours!)"

I wanted to scream, "NO, YOU'RE NOT WORKING!" But instead, I chuckled quietly to myself and put my headphones in.