Rice Pudding

I dreamt convincingly last night that I cleared my left ear of earwax by sticking something all the way into my right ear. Surely, that is not a good sign.

nyc subway

I had dinner at Ghennet and rice pudding at Rice to Riches with Peter, Karine, and Christine the other night. It's fun to hang out with sisters; I like noticing their similarities. [see some photos]

We turned on the TV last night at Tony and Ai-jen's place, and Dubya was on the screen giving a "speech." English-like sounds came out of his mouth, but we had no luck deciphering it, so we changed the channel. Dubya, again. Changed the channel again. Dubya. And again. AND AGAIN. Channels 1-6 or so were soiled by the mug of our wonderful president, and not until we hit Univision did his face disappear. "This is like my worst nightmare!" [someone] exclaimed, and we all had a little laugh (but one tainted with disgust). Even evil-cat Cocoa looked annoyed, but that might have been because I discovered a new way to torment her.

I am torn. I feel like I'm ready to leave New York, but I am quite enjoying the stability of daily routine. In fact, when I look ahead at my travel schedule, a bit of dread creeps up on me, mixed in with the anticipation.

Unrelated: AP has a story today about a Taiwanese cat using the toilet. I'd like to point out that certain Taiwanese people have a history of training cats to use the toilet. ;) I'd also like to point out that roughly 50 people a month hit my site by doing a web search for the word, "pooping." You sick bastards.

Unrelated 2: I just saw this on Slashdot. Clicked over to the site with the images and got really excited! Science is cool.