Niche markets suck

How is it that my personal website gets more visitors than does, a site considered one of the premiere sites in its (very narrow) industry? It's upsetting. Perhaps I should invest some of the (very little) income I'm getting from Wetpixel back into its own marketing. Thus far, we have grown -- through word of mouth -- into a site that gets nearly 30,000 unique visits per month. But my site here is getting around 35,000 uniques a month.

I recognize that our readership at Wetpixel is valuable because it is extremely targeted. Most people who visit the site are loyal, returning day after day. But collecting a tiny sliver of a huge "market" seems to work better than getting a larger share of a tiny market. I really wonder how many digital underwater photographers there are out there in the world. Probably not many. Oh well; at last I have fun running the site -- most of the time. :)