Blooms in Central Park

spring in ny

I've just experienced my first winter/spring transition ever, and it was pretty damn cool. (As you know, we don't really have proper seasons in California). I can't believe things changed so fast! Just over a week ago, it was cold, miserable, and snowy. But by this weekend, the temperature was in the mid-to-high 70s and flowers were blooming everywhere. I get distracted everywhere I walk, and even at night I'm looking up at the new, lacy whiteness of the trees. I love seeing the arching blooms along the streets flanking Central Park West. On my way back from Queens this morning (stayed over at Tony's last night), I hopped off of the E train at 5th Avenue so I could walk across the park to my place on the UWS. Everyone was out walking the paths and sunning themselves on the grass (I'm SO OVER tanning these days. The sun is an evil ball of fire). It took me about an hour to saunter slowly across, and I was sort of withdrawn into my own little world, alone despite the throngs of people surrounding me. I remember looking at the ray of sunlight on my white-ass arm and thinking, "wow -- this arm has been covered by clothing for months."

The clash of church clothing and people in summer clothing (women in tank/tube tops!) was interesting.

I had BBQ Saturday evening at Pearson's BBQ in Jackson Heights, AND tonight at Brother Jimmy's on the UWS. After avoiding beef for so long, I gorged myself on it this weekend. I'm in a downward (upward?) spiral! I weighed myself yesterday at Tony's place, and I'm the heaviest I've ever been -- by eight pounds! See? Everyone scoffs when I bitch about gaining weight. Now I have proof. By the way, walking into Pearson's BBQ gave me a Twilight Zone sort of feeling. It's a little enclave of Caucasians surrounded (and I mean surrounded) by South Asians. :) [see some photos]