Nash Clan Hits New York

adam, in a nyc cab

The Nash clan was in New York this weekend for a wedding; being around so many Nashes is always a lot of fun (eight Nashes there were -- plus two girlfriends). The "kids" poke at each other non-stop, and I often end up talking with Mom and Dad Nash, the three of us amused at the antics of the Nashlings. It was great to see all of them. Mom Nash thinks that it's "cute" that I'm here in New York. That's a very different reaction than I usually get from people when I tell them what I'm doing. :)

Adam, Carolyn and I had brunch at Public with Paola, one of Adam's friends from Harvard Business School. Paola is a lot of fun to chat with; she's always laughing, and has sparkly eyes. "See? I have cool friends, despite my barbarian ways," Adam quipped. After the meal, Joechang and Rachel came down from the Upper West Side to meet up with me and the Nash Horde at Ground Zero. It's still a Big Hole in the Ground, but now you can walk all the way around the south side in a covered walkway. [see some photos]