Las Vegas, Act III

"I swear, I felt like I was in like, DEJA VU, I shit you not. I was like, oh-oh-hohhhh. I was still cool, you know whah i'm sayin'? She's like, well, what do you think, and i says, i says, i says, she goes what do you think, and i go yeah, like i can be like that, and you know, i'll tell you what, i've been doin' some thinkin'. maybe we should go have lunch and talk about this. and she's like, uh oh, and so we actually had lunch, and so we're sittin' there, and i was talkin' to her, and i says, i says, i just got to tell you that when i walked in, and like, i says i can't do this though, i says, i can't. i says i know that it's hard. but i says but really honestly, this reminds me of somethin' years and years and years ago, and i says i can't because i says i'll tell ya right now, i says i just can't do that. so. yeah. no. i've been, yeah. it's not only that, it's like not only, i dunno. i't like, i was tellin' my friend last night, and i says, i just figured, you know what? all i's gotta do is press the envelope in the next few days. either way. you know whah i'm sayin'? oh yeah. i can't tell you like whenever someone asks you if you are married, there are two people who like, come to mind, like, two people, and they're like, oh god. and puhhhhh, it was a thing, it was, i look back at it and am like, i don't bring that, and just because, who wants to hear about that? i'd rather, if they want to know, i'll tell them but it's like i'd rather talk about the future, you know whah i'm sayin?

"yeah, i was um, i was talkin' to my friens las night, she had this thing, you know, those timeshare things? well, she got this thing, and she's like, it's like, somewhere in the Bahamas or Puerto Rico or crap? her thing was like, you go there and listen to it and stuff, and she's like, well, you're always welcome we can go down there. but i was like, there's a bahamas cruise for $249 and I was like, pshhhh! woo-hoo!

"I just wanna go to a penthouse and play doctor. she already told me about some of the outfits she got. huh-huh-huh-huh. hmm-hmmm-hm-hm-hm-hm. huh-huh-huh-huh. it's all good, though."

I wonder who he's talking to.
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UPDATE! A photo!!

"I just wanna go to a penthouse and play doctor."