Las Vegas, Act IV

Las Vegas has reached an all-time low. He's chatting with some girl from his Love Access Chat Room. She lives in Phoenix, and is sad because she had a bad birthday. Something about spending it alone, and having a boyfriend who got into a fight with some other guys, which resulted in the two of them missing their planned celebration, which was to take place in ... Las Vegas! He sent her three dozen rozes to cheer her up, and told her that he was going to fly out there ("or some shit") to see her, regardless of whether she wanted him to go or not (they have never met). That's nice and all, but go do that shit from home! (Now he's laughing his stupid laugh.). He's been on the phone with her since about 11am this morning. That's 4.5 hours so far of long distance billed to the company in just one day. I've bitched to my direct higher-ups about him (since I know them personally, outside of the company), and unfortunately wouldn't be comfortable bitching to anyone else. Besides, my last day is Friday, so I just have to get through two more days of hell with the fucking meathead.

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And in case you missed it the last time, I got a photo:

"I just wanna go to a penthouse and play doctor."