Settling in...


Well, it's great to be back. Although... I (re-)learned the hard way tonight that being in California doesn't not guarantee warmth. Shorts + May evenings in San Francisco do not mix well!

I spent much of yesterday in Martinez (where is that, you ask? i didn't know either.) laying down tracks for Julia Lau, a local singer-songwriter. I had never met Julia nor Ed, but we got along very well. I really like this non-classical thing, and hope to get to play more of it in the future. Er... when I'm back and "settled," that is. :)

After the recording session, I raced down to Santa Clara to have dinner with "Master Blogger" Chester [event], Cindy [event] + Chris, Adam + Rae, and Dardy [event]. Like Chester, I abhor the labelling of my site as a "blog," and would gladly accept just about any other label, so our gathering was certainly *not* a "blogmeet", or whatever. I swear. Dardy was the only one in the group that I "met" online first, although Chester was a close second. I'm fairly certain that we met on Halloween in Slavdom in 1998, but my memory is a bit fuzzy. His site is great, by the way. I love the pervasive use of profanity; he slings it in a strangely appropriate way, and it definitely makes reading his blog web journal more enjoyable.

Hey. Cindy is selling two reef tanks: a 30-gal, and a 40-gal. Check out her site and leave a comment somewhere if you are interested.

Wendy, Lilli and I ate at Blue Plate tonight, which was pretty good. It wasn't excellent, but the ambiance was fun. After being in NY for so long, it's a little weird to be in restaurants that aren't crammed full of people. I dropped both of them off at around 11pm and drove downtown to meet up with Angie, who IM'ed me randomly this afternoon with a quick, "are you in SF?" Turns out that she's in town for a few days. It was really nice to see her, even though the photo I took of us makes my face look like it's swelling with fat. Yippee.

Finally, there are some photos of Victor in the mix. He came to see me off when I was leaving New York on Friday. [see some photos]