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fun with lights

My schedule is killing me. I've spent the last six days or so catching up with life (in general) and with friends. Packing is the easy part -- I can pack up for a dive trip in a couple of hours now; my packing processes pretty much live in muscle memory now, so I can hang out with friends or chat on the phone while I'm doing it.

Ugh. I still have work to do before I leave tomorrow. Aside from an infrared lunch with a (soon-to-be) Dr. Beverly Yang, Ph.D, and dinner with my sister at Katana-ya, I've spent entire day glued to my computer, organizing shit and checking off items on my mile-long to-do list. I'm going to head to bed for a few hours and get up early to finish up. yeah, right.

Two days ago, Vienna came over for a bit and was messing around on the piano. We read through massacred some cello/piano music, which sounded so bad that Elliot remarked (directed at me), "it sounded better when you weren't playing." (he was joking of course, but it's pretty much true!).

Vienna was funny: (pointing to music) "Why can't they just write the chords above each bar?"

She says she's bad at classical music, but she sounded pretty damn good while playing through a Mozart Concerto she's been working on. [see some photos]