Sherry Hsieh and Jens Thiele's Wedding

My good friend Sherry was married on Saturday (May 22, 2004) to Jens Thiele, at the Prado House inBalboa Park, San Diego. It was a beautiful wedding, and I really enjoyed hanging out with Sherry, Jens, and some old friends from Torrey Pines High School (Jessica Grossman, Rebecca Carson, Zandra Lee, and Benji Fonseca). Some highlights: older Asian and German folk doing the electric slide, older Asian and German folk doing "YMCA", Brian doing the worm, and a soundbite from Sherry's dad's speech: "... ripe with seed." :)

Jessica Grossman, Rebecca Carson, Sherry Hsieh, and Zandra Lee

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For access to private photos, please get in touch with Sherry or Jens. Sherry also has the link to a service where you can purchase these images for typical reprint costs.