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Wendy's Birthday

It's 3am. I had Vietnamese coffee when out with Bev this evening, and I'm now *extremely wired*. My leg won't stop shaking.

Wendy had a quiet birthday this year, but she seemed to be enjoying herself at the event. Rachel, Wendy and I went over to Char and Greg's new place in Pacifica and had a quiet dinner and evening. Very nice.

Um. I guess I don't have much more to report. There are some random photos included this entry, and I'm sorry I haven't been posting more. I think my life's disarray is finally starting to have an effect on me because I'm starting to lose stuff. I lost my dress shoes a few weeks ago, I lost the coolest endpin holder ever (every cellist I've met who has seen it wants one), and I can't fit into my tux anymore because my circumference is increasing slowly. I also hurt my neck after flying back from Fiji, and my shoulder is sore, probably because I'm getting older and am not quite as resilient as I was a few years ago.

But I think things may be on the upswing, because while organizing things today (I love to organize), I found my shoes and my endpin holder.

Livia was in town over the weekend, and we spent last night out with Laura, Ben, and Jay Hunter Morris, whom I had not seen for about a year and a half! I really enjoy hanging out with Jay because he's a funny, funny man. The last time he was in town singing with the opera he had to wear a fat suit, and when he returned to SF a few weeks ago someone told him (seriously), "you lost a lot of weight!" har har har.

Thanks to Vienna, Adam, Wendy, Heidi, Cindy, Chris, Livia, Jay, and Beverly for keeping me company over the past few days. Despite not feeling very social, I've somehow been seeing a lot of people. [see some photos]