Bonehead Moves

I'd like to describe my bonehead moment of the day, which is yet another gentle reminder of my progressive mental decay: I locked myself out of my running car -- at the SFO arrivals curb.

I think that my mother did the exact same thing once (or did she?), and I remember wondering how on earth doing something like that could be possible! Now I know.

For some reason I always think that pushing the top part of the little rocker switch should unlock a car door. "Up/Top" should unlock, and "Bottom/Down" should lock, right? Not on my car, I guess. Or maybe my "affordability" and mechanical interface logic is faulty.

I had exited the car to greet Elliot and Mandy and to help them with their luggage, but the trunk was locked (driver-side door was still unlocked). So I opened the driver-side door, hit the "up" part of the rocker, and then carelessly let the door latch shut half-way. And of course, I knew what I had done as soon as I heard the door latch, but I was just too slow to do anything about it.

For liability reasons, the airport personnel can't do anything about stupid people like me. But they will (thankfully) stop harrassing you to move your vehicle once they identify you as a "lockout."

Elliot hatched an ingenious plan: we would find a coat-hanger, pry a tiny gap in the top part of the door seal (the door wasn't fully closed), and try to open a window. Luckily, in my car pushing the window control down opens the window, and after 10 minutes we managed to get one of the back windows of the car open so I could crawl in to unlock the doors.

It wasn't as easy as it sounds! Those coat-hangers flex pretty easily, and to create enough force to depress the window button we had to rotate it so it would flex pushing against the door panel. And if the window button hadn't had a convenient little groove in it, I would have missed my rehearsal tonight, and Mandy & Elliot would have been grumpy little travellers.

Afterwards, I wished that we had taken some pictures. :)

This story is really stupid. Maybe I'll delete it, later. (not because *I* was stupid -- but because I couldn't really describe it properly. i'm perfectly fine with disclosing the details about my own stupidity. :)