Mild Stress

I forgot to mention that the restaurant yesterday had "Uteri" on the menu, but none of us were brave enough to eat it.

Speaking of internal body parts, my heart and stomach are tingling with mild stress. There's also a compressor pulsing periodically across the street, which isn't helping, and the people working on the house seem to think that the middle of the street is the perfect place stand around and yell.

But I just turned off my phone, which might help.

My mother called me today and told me about some talk she went to where the guy explained that sleeping well makes you healthy. Well... duh! I know that. But that doesn't mean that I won't stay up late at night to finish projects. Part of the reason that I am productive is that I am always multitasking between many tasks. I have to decide whether it's worth trading for my health.

But I did sleep from 5-10am last night; compared to various friends of mine, I'd say that I'm doing pretty well. AND while I'm still fairly young (at least, while I still *look* young ;), I'm going to take advantage of youth to put in long working days.

In addition, I'm torn between staying put (you know, that whole nesting conversation we had earlier) and continuing along the path of controlled chaos I've turned my life into. It doesn't matter -- I can't do anything about it until next year, so I might as well banish all such thoughts from my mind for the time being.