Vienna Teng @ Montgomery Theater, San Jose

Vienna Teng's Set List @ Montgomery Theater

Last night was the third time I had the fortune to perform with Vienna Teng. The first was at Cowell Theater in San Francisco for a Warm Strangers release party, and the second was a Joe's Pub in New York City. As usual, I had a great time. I really do feel much honor to even have the opportunity to get up on stage with a musician of Vienna's caliber, and her persistence in offering me such opportunities is helping me (with a boot at my butt) to expand the breadth of my musical comfort zone.

Jim Batcho, Alan Lin, and Jessie Ivry were great to play with as well. Because it was a "themed" event, I didn't recognize as many people in the audience this time around. But some friends did come out in support: Oliver Miao, Mel Yao, Beverly Yang (and friends), and Heidi Hau (and after the show, Adam Tow, and Cindy and Chris Emura. As usual, VT fans Erik and Michele were there as well. :) I also saw Jason, whom I had met previously at the Border's show in Palo Alto.

Did you notice that Vienna tactfully neglected to mention the name of track 11 in Warm Strangers? I thought she handled that very nicely. :) She also (for the first time I've heard) actually came out and described explicitly the story of Shasta (the hypothetical story, that is). Previously, I had only heard her give suggestions about its meaning (even though all her fans know, anyway).

There are some nice reviews and genuine thoughts about the show and all things Vienna on her public forums, and if you look around carefully, you might even find a nasty remark or two about me by a user named "Alderon," who is now my new best friend. [see some photos]