Brain Dump

Argh. This internet thing is annoying me.

Well, that's not exactly true. For me, it is all of the following: a fantastic medium for me to share my life, a great communication method for non-urgent discussions, a way for way too many people to contact me, and something that stresses me out often.

I am seeking simplification of my life. My mom tells me all the time that my life is too complicated. I spend most of my time at "home" (whatever that means) catching up on the things that have piled up while I was away. I'd love for things not to be complicated.

My thoughts these days often involve the idea of a nice girl to share life with, but I actively suppress those urges because I know that meeting someone right now would cause a great deal of stress while my travel schedule is so crazy. People I meet dream about being off travelling all the time ("tough life," they say sarcastically), but I think about having routine meals, routine exercise, and someone resting her head on my shoulder while watching a DVD. All of that might get old at some point, but it sounds pretty refreshing right now.

I'm trying not to plan anything for the first half of next year, but I doubt I'll be able to make it without leaving the country. We'll see. :)