Lots o' bits missing

Scary! I currently store most of my content on a Promise Connectstor II NAS box with two striped 200GB drives in it. I have another external 250GB drive that keeps (roughly) a mirror of the content on the NAS box, although obviously it is not a complete mirror since it's not the same sized volume. Well, today I returned to my place in SF and smelled that ... "electrical fire" smell coming from the closet in the study. I opened the closet door warily and detected ... utter silence. If you've seen the Connectstor box, you know that it sounds roughly like a small jet; silence is definitely a bad sign. I've just yanked the power supply and am trying to source it somewhere for replacement. Hopefully, it's just the power supply that is dead on the unit. I'd probably be freaking out if I didn't keep the mirror updated all the time.

Anyway, I'm in the process of assembling a pair of redundant file servers hooked up to a gigabit switch (in the form of two rsync'ed 1.5TB RAID 5 boxes), and this failure has given me a big kick in the ass to get it done more quickly. Knowing that most of my data is alive on only one drive at the moment makes me nervous.

And for all of you out there who don't back up your data: you're askin' for it. One of these days, drive failure will ruin your day...