A few days in San Francisco

cindy, obsessive

Crazy reef girl Cindy picked me up from the airport on Saturday and hosted me until the next day. As usual, we ate, chatted, and stared at her beautiful reef tank. I'm totally grateful for her hospitality. And... her guest bed is very comfortable. :)

I spent much of my four days here in the Bay Area rehearsing with the piano trio I'll be playing with next week at the SLSQ Summer Chamber Music Workshop. It has been SO GREAT to play music for a few hours each day, and I can't wait to start the week of intensive chamber music coachings. I almost feel like I'm back at Stanford again. see some photos]

But before that, I have to go to Ecuador again to photograph dead sharks for the Shark Research Institute. It will be a difficult thing to see, but I think that the outreach possibilities that come from the project will make it well worth the effort.

And more computer anomalies:

1) Work with Elliot to install a Promise Fastrak TX2000 RAID card into a Dell Dimension 4500 (goal: mirror two identical 120GB drives). No luck. Trust me. We tried everything.

2) Having given up by this point, I restored a drive image I had made with Acronis TrueImage (the best imaging program ever), expanding the partition size at the same time to fill the existing drive's available space (8GB used/22GB unused -> 30GB used).

3) On a whim, Elliot plugs the card in again -- and this time, it works.

I hate computers.

Hasta lunes!