Wetpixel Bahamas Sharks & Dolphins

A tiger shark named Baby Cakes

"On July 10th, 2004, a group of eight photographers boarded the M/V Shear Water at Riviera Beach, Florida for the first ever organized Wetpixel trip. On board leading the trip were well-known dive operators Jim and Anna Abernethy, who have been running shark and dolphin trips out to the Bahamas for many years. Alexis and George claim that I had been selling the trip as a "Dolphin Encounter" trip, but I just checked my records and at no time did I ever leave the word "Shark" out of the title. :) Our goal for the trip was to observe, interact with, and photograph sharks and wild dolphins; our special itinerary even included a day at Tiger Beach, a shallow (13') sandy area where tiger sharks are frequently seen..."