Alligators in the Everglades

gator in everglades

I'm not afraid of sharks, but I discovered that I am afraid of alligators. There were nine of them around us off of a little road near Everglade City, and with the water's visibility at around 2' or so, it was impossible to see them when they submerged themselves. And they are really fast. One of them rolled over and emerged fifteen feet downstream before I could even think about reacting.

I'm also afraid of mosquitos. Even though I tell people that mosquitos have an affinity for my blood, they usually have to see the relationship in action before they really believe it. I was probably bitten thirty or forty times in the hour we were out there -- through a thick layer of 25% DEET. And don't even get me started on no-see-'ums. I hate those guys even more.

But despite all the biting, swatting, and swelling, I still had a great time out in "old Florida" with Anna and Alex. It was neat to see that part of the country. [see some photos]