Flying Boat Ultralight

up in the ultralight

West Palm Beach: The conditions were finally right, and Jimmy and I had 40 minutes of flying time before the winds started to pick up out of the west. I never knew that buildings and other entities that extend up into the sky could cause so much turbulence, but we were up near 1000 feet in altitude, and we could very clearly feel the vortices caused by the wind blowing across the condos on Singer Island. Jimmy's buddy Gary was also up in his flying boat, and I had a good time photographing him from ours -- that is, when I wasn't worried that a lens cap would fly out of my hands into the propeller. :)

I also remember it being easier to take self-portraits with the D60. The 1Ds is a really heavy camera, and holding it out at arm's length against the wind is not such an easy task. [see some photos]