Verizon Wireless

I'm on hold with Verizon Wireless right now; today has reminded me of both why I love their service and why I hate mobile phones and their carriers in general. Every time I call in, a VZW service person picks up the phone after only a few seconds of being on hold. This alone is almost reason enough to stick with their service, especially compared to what I've experience first-hand from carriers like Cingular.

But since I started using the TREO 600, my reported minute usage has gone through the roof. I've used the phone as usual, with the addition of perhaps 10-15 minutes a day of data -- which I was assured would be billed as minutes because I don't have an explicit data plan. Image my surprise when I checked minute usage at 5:15pm and saw: Pk:2417 OffPk/Night:1892 Wknd:1801 (!). Obviously, this is crap. I just checked online 15 7:36pm, and it reports: Peak Minutes: 3,065, Off Peak Minutes: 2,252, Weekend Minutes: 2,248. Amazing how in 2 hours and 21 minutes, I can accumulate so many more minutes!

All of the service agents are telling me that they don't quite know how to deal with the TREO yet, but I'm sure they'll figure it out. In fact, the dude on the phone has some interesting information that he is going to relay to me as soon as I'm off of hold (or so I'm told). More soon. ;)

UPDATE: Jaren Angerbauer is the awesomest Verizon service agent ever. He cleared up the problem, and proposed a solution that will keep me happy as a Verizon customer. Apparently, the TREO 600 connects to the network ever three minutes to uh.... see what's up, I guess -- which amounts to at least 480 minutes a day of data logged to airtime minutes. No VZW agent should ever allow you to not get a data plan without a severe warning. Also, there are currently only two data add-ons that you can get tacked on to a voice plan: an unlimited plan for $44.95/month, and a "5 megabit" plan for $34.95. I am guessing that he meant megabyte and not megabit (1 byte = 8 bits), but either way it's probably not a good deal compared to the unlimited plan.