Body Worlds, Los Angeles


Last week, I escorted two of my young cousins to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. If you are anywhere near LA, you have to go see it. There are plasticized bodies and organs from some 200 donated cadavers in the exhibit, and they're just standing around with body parts splayed out in various configurations that show off the different systems in the body. Particularly amazing were exhibits that showed only plasticized blood vessels (the rest of the body had been removed)! Everything was very well arranged, and the exhibit makes it easy to see how everything fits together inside of us.

I watched a young woman walk right up to one of the cadavers, stick her face three inches from its mouth, and study it closely for a few minutes. It was strangely sexy, and I couldn't help staring. :)

See you in awhile. I'm leaving the country again!