An Operatic Return

fresh, raw tuna

Well, I'm back. :) I flew in yesterday at around noon and was greeted by a very nice Vienna Teng, who graciously picked me up from the airport. And den, I proceeded to check off item by item in my huge TODO list that will haunt me for the next eleven days. Yargh.

But in the evening, I took a break. Have you ever had your socks stolen at a party? It was a first for me as well. I've narrowed down the probable culprits to two attendees: a cute little dog named Charlie, and one other whose name I will have to keep a secret. :) But I'm confused, and so are some other people. Who would take my socks, which were tucked neatly into my shoes?!?

Anyway, the party was an opera party, which I get to attend when Paul Groves is in town every year or so singing with the San Francisco Opera. I always enjoy his company because he is so damned funny. Oh, and because we bond over how cool marine life is.

The illustrious conductor and some of the cast of the upcoming production of Mozart's Così fan tutte showed up to enjoy the perfect Sausalito weather and to gorge themselves on fresh tuna, which had just been caught on lines and cleaned the day before. Geoff and Livia made tender tuna rolls, negi toro rolls, and spicy tuna hand rolls, and Paul grilled tuna medallions to near perfection. It was an extraordinary feast supplemented with sake, wine, and beer, and later on in the evening the reflected moon cast a wide swath of shimmering silver onto the surface of the ocean. And then there was the self-proclaimed pagan priestess there "of the 4th degree," who was talking about being "Skyclad" and being half cat. What is a 4th degree pagan priestess, anyway? :)

I was pretty jetlagged and didn't make it "home" until 2pm this afternoon, but lemme tell ya -- I was feeling spacey after two days of travel and a belly full of food and alcohol. :) [see some photos]

The next ten hours were spend running around like a madman running errands and packing up. As some of you know, I'm moving next week. Details later -- please don't ask. :) Even some of my close friends aren't aware of the move yet, which I'm finding a little strange. Events in my life these days seem to move very quickly, and I often make snap decisions and then leave town for long periods of time.