Labor Day, Mendelssohn, and Lofts

reading mendelssohn

What a long day. I spent most of the morning and early afternoon packing, which in my estimation is probably what I will be doing for all of tomorrow and Wednesday as well. There's just so much crap tucked away in various drawers! I'm just glad that the new place is only 20 minutes away -- at least I can come back here to collect anything I didn't have time to box up.

a cute bev

At around 3PM, Geoff Nuttall, Livia Sohn, Paul Groves and I drove down to Woodside in Geoff's cool new bright orange Scion to a music nerding party at Ilya Levtov's place. It was such a beautiful day! We took dramatic leaps off of the diving board, soaked in the hot tub, ate tuna and tri-tip steak, and read Mendelssohn and Schubert. A perfect day, really, especially because I read with Livia, Geoff, and Deborah; playing with people better than you is a great way to boost your playing level. :) Vienna Teng and Heidi Kim showed up for awhile, too. I'm glad they could make it, although I do wish the piano had been there (it's coming soon) so we could have bullied Vienna and Paul into playing and singing. :)

Mandy and Elliot moved into a cool new loft down the street. I can't wait to see what they do with it! [see some photos]

A final note: be sure to support Paul and see Così fan tutte at the SF Opera!