Packed up and ready to go!

Goodbye, Noe Valley! Movers show up in less than four hours, and then I'm back here on Sunday for a final cleanup.

SPECIAL THANKS to Geoff and Livia for their selfless packing help, Clara, for coming in to hang out for a bit despite her long day, my roomies Mandy, Elliot, and Mike, for bearing with me during these crazy times, Vienna, for always being there to drag me out of the house, Beverly, for spending a good part of her day with me running around in Oakland, Ilya, for his ass-saving storage offer and Labor Day party, Victor A., for his call to see how I was doing, Julia and Jeffrey for their last-minute stage retrofit, and everyone else for their support. :)

By the way, do you know what happens when you send out an address change announcement? You get about 100 messages coming back that say, "Oh! Why are you moving?" and "Aren't you still in New York?" I just can't keep everyone in the loop, it seems -- especially friends that don't check this page.