Così fan tutte: An evening with the bourgeoisie

backstage, sf opera

Paul Groves and the rest of the cast were fantastic at the opening night of Così fan tutte! I really, really enjoyed the performance. :) As usual,we bumped into lots of familiar faces; in addition to those I went with (Vienna, Ilya, his roommate Lena, and Clara), I saw Stephanie, Michel Flexer, and Monica Sather. Small world. :)

After the show we went backstage and hung out with the cast for a bit. Frederica von Stade ("Flicka") wandered around her dressing room offering us cookies (a cute call accompanied the offer: "cookies? cookies?" she was awesome in the show, by the way). Instead of going to the celebration dinner, we met up with Clara and some of her friends at Absinthe for drinks and a bite to eat.

Finally, I returned to the Performing Arts Parking Garage only to discover that it closes at midnight, which frankly is bullshit (AND -- my camera was locked up in the trunk of the car, which accounts for the lack of photos from the evening). I also discovered via a few phone calls that the garage was to remain closed until Monday morning (!!). Unfortunately, I am leaving the country on Monday (today!), so some transportation gymnastics involving very generous friends (Vienna and Clara) has been involved in helping me and my stranded car to get through the rest of the weekend. I owe you guys. [see some photos]