6£ for an hour

The flight from SFO to London went very quickly! I think I'm getting used to flying. :)

My mother and I have been sitting up here at Caffe Nero in Terminal 1 of Heathrow Airport for the past three hours. I banged out 50 e-mails (I'm behind!) and paid the 6£ for an hour of internet access to get them all sent out, and now... I guess I'll browse around the web for a bit.

My Oakland place has been left in shambles, but at least I managed to pull off all of the moving/storage/car-stuck-in-garage coordination with the help of some super-generous friends. It still sort of boggles my mind that it all happened without serious hiccups!

I do, however, think I pushed myself a *bit* beyond my body's ability to cope without sleep. I feel like shit.