Lake Como and Padua

padua pigs

I've been enjoying Italy so far. Both my mother and I have been here a few times already, so we don't feel any real urge to be ubertourists or anything; as a result, I've been getting plenty of rest (very much needed!).

We're in Padova (Padua) at the moment, which I am enjoying a lot. In a postcard I wrote today while sitting outside at a cafe near a large market, I scrawled something about the city being about "food, fashion, and academia," and a line about it being "very cool." The academic part of the city seems to be locked up behind gates, and we couldn't simply wander in and explore, but guide books expound on the historical importance of academics in Padova. But after wandering around for awhile on Saturday evening, I started to notice that the "trendy kids hanging out" factor creates a vibe that quenches the possiblity of any aura of academia. There are young people everywhere -- all dressed to please -- and... how many ways can young Italian women show their stomachs and upper torsos? It's obvious that "not enough," or perhaps, "who cares?" is any sane male's answer, so people-watching in Padova has certainly been a great deal of fun. In other news, it appears that the mullet has become a fashionable male hairstyle here. How unfortunate.

Oh yeah. Lake Como is gorgeous. I haven't been keeping any sort of proper journal on this trip, so photos upon my return will have to suffice. :)