Too many pigeons

You know those one-click mistakes that cost you either a wad of cash or several hours of one's time? I hate those. In general, I hate making mistakes, but that class of mistakes makes me feel physically ill. I bought a ticket from Venice to Berlin today; that part went smoothly. But after that, while attempting to purchase a ticket from Berlin to Milan, I accidentally purchased one back to Venice instead. Unfortunately, the route on cheapie Euro tickets cannot be changed once purchased. Doh! So now I'm stuck taking the train from Venice to Milan. I think what stressed me out was the timer in the corner counting down the seconds of life-giving online connectivity I have remaining. It counts down even as I type this, reminding me that I have to hurry along or pay another few Euros. Internet cafes in Venice are not cheap.

My father arrived today. Once again, Wendy is the only Cheng in North America. Hi, Wendy! :) Oh. I only have a few seconds left. Bye!