Interviewed in ScubaCore

I'm featured in this quarter's issue of ScubaCore, a quarterly DVD magazine run by Bobby and Anat, who I met in Wakatobi last year. I was a bit nervous about being interviewed IN VIDEO, but they managed to take all my rough edges and make me seem polished and stuff. I was very impressed! Anyway, if you are a diver or enjoy the underwater world, check out their DVD magazine. I like it. :)

Oh yeah, I'm speaking at the NCUPS (Northern California Underwater Photographic Society) meeting tomorrow. It's at 8pm in Fort Mason. Lots o' big prints, I will be bringing. You can show up if you want to heckle me.

Also, I have a message from Heidi Hau, who will be performing at the SF Conservatory of Music on Saturday at noon (it's free!).

Heidi writes:

As many of you know, because of my hectic travel schedule, I'm hardly in the Bay Area. So, it's a rare and precious occasion for me when I can finally give a concert here for all my family and friends who have supported me through the years. The San Francisco concert is free to friends and family and no tickets are required.

The program will include pieces by Chopin, Beethoven and Debussy and maybe some contemporary music for good measure.

And just in case you can't make the Oct. 9th date in San Francisco or just need a heavier dose of classical piano music performed by yours truly, I'll also be giving a concert at the Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View on October 13th at 6pm (info at

Please bring along any others who might enjoy an afternoon/evening of classical music! Hope to see you there!


Hello Everyone!

I just got back into the bay area last night. I'm a bit jet lagged but really excited to play for all of you tomorrow, especially for such an interesting and eclectic group of people! I also wanted to let you know the program:

Images, Book 2 - Debussy
Sonata op. 90 - Beethoven
Gargoyles - Liebermann
24 Preludes - Chopin

The recital format tomorrow will probably be a bit different than what you may be use to as I'll be talking between each piece, giving you some insights as to the music that I'm playing and how I interpret such music.

And of course as anyone knows me, my love of music is just as passionate as my love of food. So, the reception afterwards will not only give you a chance to enjoy lots of yummy food but also to come see me and tell me your thoughts about the concert!

See you tomorrow!