Houston Hangin' + Vienna Teng @ Mucky Duck

vienna teng @ mucky duck

Last Tuesday I had the great fortune of sitting in with Vienna Teng, Alan Lin, and Marika Hughes at the Mucky Duck in Houston, Texas. It was a lot of fun to see them all again; it is only by pure chance that I get to see Vienna while she's out on tour. Normally, I have to wait until she returns to the Bay Area. Anyway, the Mucky Duck was packed full of rabid fans that evening. Caroline brought eight people, and I brought a bunch of people in the dive/photo industry who were all in town to attend the DEMA Show (the same reason I am here in Houston now), including Lucien Schmidlin (TopDIVE), James Wiseman and Sarah Bernhardt, Andi Voeltz, Lars Kirchhoff, and Aline Kadach (my Berlin hosts from a few weeks ago), and Leslie Biggs + cousin (who are not in the dive industry). 'twas a lot of fun to get to touch a cello again, even if it wasn't mine. Marika's cello is very nice. :) Speaking of Marika, she got a few boos from conservative Texans for announcing her website, to which she replied, "it doesn't take any courage to voice your opinion where everyone is like you." Marika rocks. Another exciting moment was when Vienna told me, "close your eyes and open your mouth" -- a comment that can easily invoke fear, but perhaps less fear when coming from a woman.

At around 1am we drove out to have Vietnamese food at Mai's, where the floor has a lovely slippery coating reminiscent of what is on the floor in some men's restrooms. I was joking around about not being able to stand without my shoes slipping, and received a serious inquiry from someone at the dinner table: "are you familiar with rooting?" Um. I was like, joking and stuff.

Anyway, I spent the past day screwing around with safari photographer Andy Biggs at his new place here in Houston. Tonight, we (Andy, Leslie, Caroline, and Todd) went out to eat downtown at Cabo. I have had many fish tacos today. :)

Ummm... I'm tired. Eyes burning. [see some photos]