The "nice guy," again

I actually had a slumber party last night. Well, that's not entirely true. Sherry had a slumber party at my place, with the following repercussions: 1) I didn't get much sleep, and 2) I was awoken in the morning by Sherry-and-Jess-the-steamrollers. It's always great to see those girls because they have a lot of energy and it always illicits involuntary smiles + laughter.

me 'n the girls at vienna's show

Unrelated: Vienna called today after performing at the Asian Film Festival in San Diego, where she sat at a dinner table with John Cho and Kelly Hu -- and during the conversation I fully expressed my disappointment that she didn't take like a million photos of Kelly Hu for me. She told me that she thought that I might be her only friend that would appreciate her proximity to the Harold and Kumar people -- you know, one of those slightly back-handed compliments that she's always talking about at her shows. But I'll take it as a FULL compliment. :)