Vienna Teng @ Villa Montalvo

vienna @ montalvo

I love performing with Vienna Teng and band. As you all probably know, I'm not really a non-classical cellist, but I learn a lot each time I have the fortune of being up there on stage with her. AND, it's just so much fun. :)

At the show were the usual suspects: Erik, Michele, and "Klaorman," who all participate religiously on the forum (see Klaorman's photos from the show, which look properly white-balanced, which is to say that the photos do not resemble what they did in actuality. digital cameras are tricksy! :). It's both cool and weird to have a friend who has a discussion forum dedicated to her life (e.g. details of each performance, what she eats, who she is seen with, etc.).

Like the last local performance, we went to Pho Hoa after the show to gorge ourselves on pho and spring rolls. And den, I went home.

Sorry it's taken so long for me to get these images online. I've been running around these past few days with almost no time to myself (where "myself" = me + computer). Before you look at all the photos, you should definitely check out this photo of Jim Batcho -- another one of those "best photo ever"moments. :) [see some photos]