Treo 600 - R.I.P. Take 2

My Treo 600, defective orange blob, and Pat's cool Audiovox/Orange SmartPhone

I love my Treo 600, but I am on my third unit already. A friend of mine is on his seventh (!).

The first time my Treo died was about a month ago, and like last time, Verizon Wireless replaced my phone with a "new" reconditioned unit within two days, shipping it to New York to meet me here. The problem this time was an orange stuck-pixel blob that kept growing larger every day (the excellent mobile office support guy who I talked to had seen this problem before), which you can see in the photo, above. The best feature of my 2nd Treo was the "answer and hang up at random" feature, which made talking on the phone especially exciting.

Pat has a cool new Audiovox Smartphone, which apparently is a rebadged Orange SPV C500. It's the first PDA phone I've seen that seems to be the right size for a keyboard-less unit. I have extreme gadget-lust for it, but it's GSM-only. :(