Halloween in New York

haeyoung, ai-jen, and me

During this weekend, I was asked more than a few times, "so what are you doing here in New York?"

My answer? "Nothing."

That's right. I had no plans whatsoever for the extended weekend, and it was good. I kept West Coast hours, going to bed after 4am every night and waking up just before noon, and have been hanging out with Pat, Tony + Ai-Jen, Jason + Wendy/Vanessa. Lots of food, and lots of strangely-costumed New Yorkers (I especially liked the women robed in "sexy" versions of childhood costumes. Good eye-candy, complete with that New York standoffishness that I sense while walking the streets :).

I spent Halloween (which was freakishly warm this year) at Ai-Jen's sister's party, mostly huddled in the corner in the safety of the few souls I knew; I haven't been social lately, mostly because I'm home infrequently and prefer to spend those moments with my established friends. The company of my friends is a haven of sorts for me, and sometimes I am so bombarded by correspondence from people I don't know very well that it takes a toll on my desire to meet even more people.

So, yeah. New York was fun. I have to get up soon to get on an airplane back to Oakland to be in time to vote and to sign some time-sensitive documents. :) [see some photos]