Anton Kuerti, Sathers, and more

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Photo Update! I'm catching up, y'all.

The day before Rob Kapilow's arrival to the Bay Area (see previous entry), pianist Anton Kuerti performed in a fantastic recital at Stanford with the St. Lawrence String Quartet (they played Schumann Piano Quintet!). Aside from Benjamin's concert in Dinkelspiel some years ago, I had not seen Dink so packed for a classical show. Luckily, we were seated in a great, reserved location because our tickets were comps from the quartet. :) Just before the show started, a woman wandered over along the aisle and mumbled something I couldn't hear (I was in the middle of a conversation). I was sitting with Heidi Hau and Warren Wu, and we apparently reacted in an unsuitable manner because she then said very loudly -- and slowly, "IS THAT SEAT TAKEN?"

Uh. Despite having black hair and slanty eyes, we, like, speak English and stuff. I nearly informed Her Whiteness of that fact, but instead, I mentioned that the row was reserved (HAH!), but then the nice gentleman next to us invited her to take the seat next to him, thereby ruining my chance at satisfaction via juvenile snottiness.

I'm also using this entry to catch up on posting photos, which include: post-concert party at Lesley's place, photos of my furnace being removed, and photos of Elliot and family at their loft. :) [see some photos]